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Workwear production has never been as important as it is today. And as far as we can tell, it will increase in the near-future. Why is it that the demand for company workwear production is on the up rise? From looking at the trend of business competition, it becomes clear that there is a clear drive for branding and differentiating each business from the next, in the hopes of building trust and loyalty from customers. With businesses opening and closing on a near daily basis, the competition is tough and only those adapting to change that survive.


Branding In The 21st Century


From branded clothes, to branded furniture and even branded food, we realize that branding is everywhere. Most of our day to day decisions are influenced by which brands we like, have been exposed to and our opinions about how brands rank against each other. We buy from branded stores and we eat at branded restaurants. With all of this branding around us, our attention has become a commodity and trying to capture as much of it as possible is the goal of any ambitious business. This is why it’s important to provide a sense of familiarity and consistency to customers. Building your company brand and providing a standardized branded experience forms part of having a unified ‘look’ which can only be achieved through matching employee outfits such as those on offer from Cation workwear who is a workwear manufacturer Turkey.

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Production Process


Work wear production includes all business related clothing such as: uniforms, T-shirts, S-shirts and Polar shirts, Workwear, Corporate wear, Coats, Overalls, Vests, Aprons, Security wear, Shirts, and Trousers. Cation workwear is proud to announce the workwear production capability to offer clothing and apparel which adds protection from high risk environments such as exposure to hazardous materials and temperatures.

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We as Cation Workwear & Uniforms are providing best quality workwear and uniform product to Turkey’s leading companies such as  Mercedes-Benz, Tüvtürk, Enerjisa, Betonsa, Aksa Doğalgaz, Doğuş Otomotiv. You can get in touch with us with our contact page, or send us an e-mail at or call us on +90 212 554 83 31.

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