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Uniforms as a protection is its primary function. Originally, workwear was created to protect against dirt. Its role has rapidly evolved to provide ever greater safety for professionals exposed to health, safety or thermal risks. There are also many French and European standards to frame the wearing of specific clothing for each profession.

Uniforms at the service of safety

Uniform manufacturer Turkey exposed to identified risks: machinery, products, electricity, altitude, climate … are subject to a European law requiring the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE). Uniform manufacturer considers that innovations in terms of materials and design have evolved PPE to make them resistant, practical and comfortable, which always provide more protection and ease to the professional. For uniform producer Turkey, each trade can be concerned by the wearing of EPI, which is not limited to only a resistant garment to provide comprehensive protection. The head, eyes, hands, feet, respiratory tract, auditory pathways … Must be protected with specific equipment, depending on the work environment.

To prevent health risks

The risks of inhalation, contact or ingestion are frequent among health professionals, catering or agricultural professions for example. Uniform producer Cation Work Wear has very strict policies about hygiene. These trades involve trading a civilian suit against a uniform meeting the requirements of cleanliness and hygiene to protect the risk of contamination. The goal is twofold: to ensure the protection of personnel but also the sterility of manufactured products. In the case of employees in collective kitchens, ovens, hobs, cutting tools, fumes etc. represent risks not only related to the manufacturing process but also to the workplace. A suitable and healthy workwear has the ability to protect them from these risks. It also serves as a barrier between the body and the product.

Comfort and style at work

Uniform production process and how it’s done is very important in this sense. The evolution of morphologies and mentalities has forced the manufacturers of uniforms to rethink their patronage. Men and women are bigger, and more and more women are working in industry sectors. It was thus a question of working the lines to bring more comfort while developing the style.

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