Cation Workwear Production Processes

We as Cation Workwear & Uniforms are working very hard in order to produce workwears and uniforms that provides safety and comfort for your employees. We design our products to work easier for the employees in their working environments. We serve the products to our customers after tight controls in each level of production process. We are producing all kind of working clothes such as overalls, coats, vests, t-shirts, aprons, trousers, shirts, s-shirts and uniform products that are neccessary for working environments with our experienced team.




You can explore our completed works in products page of our website.


Comfortable dressing is a necessity so that your staff can work comfortably and efficiently in challenging working environments. Because of this reason, we perform all the stages with a great care from design to selection of accessories or from sewing to final control. It should not be forgotten that comfortable working clothes will provide great benefits to your production process.


Designing of workwears is a serious thing and should be carried out by experienced professionals. We, as Cation Workwear & Uniform, are offering design support in corporate clothing to Turkey’s leading industrial companies as a real solution partner. We offer our customers value-added services while they concentrate on their operations. We stand out among our competitors with our professional and experienced team who continuously produce new designs for the changing requirements of global markets.

Technical Textile

Because of many various working environments and conditions in production, it is important to choose appropriate fabric and to use it in work clothes. You will be able to manage your production process quickly, safely and in good quality thanks to our work clothes made from fabrics with fire retardant, windproof, waterproof, high visibility properties for customer demands and needs.


We produce workwears that provide the safety and comfort of your employees with over 20 years of experience in our industry. With world-class production power, we have extensive knowledge and experience in both public and private markets. We constantly check the new law changes and update our production methods accordingly. At the same time, we keep our customers aware of the changes in this law.


We believe that clothes are communication medium. Your employees represent your institution and the face of your mark. In this context, we offer ready-to-wear solutions for your work clothes and corporate apparel needs.

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